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Sunday Apr 11 2021
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‘Prince Philip’s dying wish would’ve been a family reconciliation’

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Queen Elizabeth had often sought solace and support from her late husband Prince Philip throughout the course of their marriage.

After his death, many have claimed that the Duke of Edinburgh’s final wish would have been to see the family united in the midst of escalating feuds and controversies marring the royal fold.

In a piece penned for The Mirror, royal expert Russell Myers said that Her Majesty will undoubtedly miss her husband whom she leaned on “as the family seemingly careered from one crisis to another in recent months; from Prince Andrew’s friendship with a convicted sex offender to Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit The Firm complete with their parting-shot bombshell interview.”

“His influence in recent months has grown in significance, with both Her Majesty and the Prince of Wales appreciating his take on the world, and naturally how each decision in turn affects his own future,” he wrote.

The expert also spoke about the recent rifts that had caused a dent in family relations, saying: “If Prince Philip had perhaps one last wish, it may well have been that the family use their coming together for his final send- off as a chance for reconciliation.”

“He knew the monarchy’s survival centred not only on its ability to evolve, as this moment in history will undoubtedly provide, but by its propensity to unite under pressure,” he added.