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Thursday Apr 22 2021
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Kate Middleton is the one person that can ‘reign’ in Prince William’s anger

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Kate Middleton has recently been hailed for being the only person who has the power of taming Prince William’s anger when he throws one of his legendary temper tantrums.

This claim was brought forward by royal correspondent Camilla Tominey. She began by hailing the Duchess’s keen sense to “not upstage her husband” even when he becomes frustrated.

Ms. Tominey was quoted telling Express, "I think there is a huge amount of trust there, not just between them, but their circle of friends - their so-called 'circle of trust'. Their closest friends, who would never dream of leaking anything to the press, and really protect them.”

"I think equally, one of the secrets to the success of their marriage is that they do seem much more equal than say, for instance, Charles and Diana.”

"I think as well Kate has been very careful not to upstage her husband. I think she is the yin to his yang, in that he - although a level-headed, down-the-line kind of guy - can be prone to a few temper tantrums, perhaps.”

"He likes to dig his heels in and knows his own mind. I think he can sometimes get quite angry, and one gets the impression that Kate is the one pulling him back, and reining him in, and saying, 'Alright, let's just keep calm'."