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Tuesday May 11 2021
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Prince William has self-doubts about his future role as king

Web Desk

The public’s confidence in Prince William’s abilities to become king may be high but the royal himself still suffers from bouts of self-doubt.

A royal insider revealed that the Duke of Cambridge “escapes” with wife Kate Middleton to Cornwall to “recharge” his battery and “drop out of sight.”

Speaking to Us Weekly, the source said: "William was educated from the very earliest age about the crucial role he would play within the monarchy.”

“He's always known what is expected of him when he's eventually crowned King... He's human and of course he has moments of self-doubt,” the insider continued.

"And he has times where he and Kate want to drop out of sight so they'll escape to Cornwall and recharge their batteries,” added the source.

It was further revealed by the grapevine that while he found it difficult to tackle the public attention when growing up, he still managed to deal with it better than his younger brother, Prince Harry.

This comes after the Duke of Sussex in his interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, claimed that his brother was “trapped” within the royal family which his wife Meghan Markle helped him escape.