Bella Hadid says she's not condoning violence or hate against Jewish community

Mohammad Hafeez

Hours after the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, American model Bella Hadid called for the continuation of the campaign to end the brutal siege and colonialism.

The supermodel, who's the daughter of Palestinian father Anwer Hadid, also condemned the people who are using the pro-Palestine movement as an excuse to be violent or hateful towards Jewish people.

She said  in a statement that these anti-Semitic people should be ashamed of themselves, adding that their actions are hypocritical to the real message behind Free Palestine movement.

"I have said this before and I want to make it clear again. By speaking for the equal rights of Palestinians people, I am never condoning violence or hate against the Jewish community. It is unacceptable especially in the name of another marginalized group," said Bella Hadid.

She added "Everyone deserves the right to feel safe regardless of their religion where they are from, or the actions of their government."

Bella Hadid is the sister of model Gigi Hadid who is married to Pakistani-origin British singer Zayn Malik.