Saturday Jun 26 2021
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Princess Diana played ‘cruel’ prank on Oprah after she insisted on an interview

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Princess Diana almost had a tell-all with Oprah Winfrey herself but she used her cheeky sense of humour to keep the talk of an interview off the table.

Writing in his updated edition of his book, Battle of Brothers, royal historian Robert Lacey claimed that the late Princess of Wales “never had much time for” Winfrey.

He wrote that the broadcaster was determined to bag an exclusive interview with Diana and had even flown all the way to London to get her to agree to it.

Around the time Winfrey was to dine at the Palace with the princess, she had recently shown off her weight loss with her new diet.

That is when Diana had asked her personal chef Darren McGardy to prepare his special tomato mousse.

While Winfrey was digging into the food, she had reportedly asked the royal: "Diana, how do you stay so slim eating rich food like this?"

She explained that she ate small portions and worked out regularly.

It was explained by Lacey that Diana had asked her chef to give her the fat-free version of the dish and serve Oprah a full-fat version with heavy cream and mayonnaise.

"Diana never did tell the truth. Diana felt very uncomfortable with Oprah. She thought that Oprah was only after sensationalism - like when she interviewed Fergie about her book, and all she wanted to talk about was Diana,” wrote Lacey.