William or Charles? Psychic who saw COVID coming predicts next King of England

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Roxanne Furnival predicts who will take the throne after Queen Elizabeth

British psychic Roxanne Furnival, who claimed she saw the COVID-19 pandemic coming, revealed her predictions of what could change within the royal family in the next few years. 

In particular, Roxanne predicted who will take the throne after Queen Elizabeth. The psychic said she unfortunately does not see become the King. Instead, she said, he will hand the crown over to Prince William directly. “I don’t see Charles becoming King,” Roxanne said.

“I see the crown being passed to William. I’m not sure how this will evolve, but I see Charles stepping aside to let William lead. I don’t know if that’s his choice, or someone else’s, but I don’t see him on the throne," she added. 

Talking about whether she sees Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attending Queen's Platinum Jubilee next year, the psychic shared, “I see them attending, but they’ll be seated to the side. I don’t see them included in the inner circle."

“I think they are going to be kept at arm’s length for a long time. Harry’s found his voice through Meghan, which is brilliant, but I’m concerned it’s too much for him. I see him struggling in the future with this," she concluded.