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Tuesday Jul 27 2021
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Scott Disicks cancel appearance after requesting small-town bar for private jet

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Scott Disick is losing a grip on reality, according to sources.

According to PageSix, the KUTWK star asked a small-town New York restaurant to fly him to the venue in a private jet.

The reality TV star was signed to make a personal appearance to the bar and restaurant this Friday at Gaffney’s in Saratoga Springs where he called the restaurant a day before and requested a 'spare' plan so that he could fly from the Hamptons.

Despite their limited resources, the restaurant managed to arrange a plane for the actor but was later asked to cancel their booking since Scott's team found a jet for themselves anyway.

But on the day of the event, the star's team called once again and requested if that jet could be arranged again to bring him the 150 miles or so to the sleepy town just north of Albany.

The restaurant once again arranged the jet for Scott only to find out that the actor had arranged his own ride yet again. However, after a few hours, Scott's team called the restaurant a few hours before his appearance and canceled the show saying that the star's chopper had fallen through.