Friday Sep 17 2021
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Queen Elizabeth offering Sussex’s ‘perfect opportunity’ for Lilibet meeting

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Queen Elizabeth is reportedly looking forward to seeing her great-granddaughter and is giving the Sussex’s ‘the perfect opportunity’ to come and meet.

This claim has been made by royal expert and commentator Nick Bullen and during his appearance on the Royally Us podcast he was quoted saying, “The Queen will definitely meet her great-granddaughter, I think she really would want to.”

“As the Queen has always said, Harry and Meghan are much-loved members of the family and I think the Queen rises above all of this.”

“This is her family, there are her grandchildren and their great-grandchildren, of course, she wants to meet them. I think Prince Charles really wants to meet his granddaughter.”

“Prince Charles is incredibly sad I'm sure, about everything that's gone on, so the family will want to meet each other.”

“I think again, the Jubilee is a perfect opportunity for that, because if Harry and Meghan do come back to the Jubilee and I'm sure they will, because they have to be seen to be supporting the Queen.”

“It's a great moment for everyone to be together, and everyone's going to have to play nicely and behave well because again, it's the Queen's moment.”