Dwayne Johnson reveals if he ever ‘forgets’ the celebrity status

Dwayne Johnson reveals if he’s ever had the chance to forget his own status as a celebrity

Hiba Anjum

Dwayne Johnson weighs in on whether he’s ever ‘forgotten’ about his status as a celebrity.

The Rock weighed in on his personal experiences while speaking to Vanity Fair and there he was even quoted saying, “Not really, no. you know I’m just I’m the size of a dinosaur. I’m as old as a dinosaur.”

“It’s not like I could put on a hat or glasses or hide or anything like that. So I’m… you know that the thought of anonymity and forgetting I’m a celebrity…. That’s gone out the window many many years ago.”

“But, every once in a while, it’s nice when I can isolate myself either on my farm or certain places in the islands where I don’t see anyone and don’t interact with anybody except my family.”

“those are nice times where, you know, you’re not reminded as often. But again, not a problem, not a problem. I’m not complaining.”

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