Friday Oct 22 2021
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Adele weighs in on life’s ‘biggest risk’ with Simon Konecki divorce

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Adele lets fans in on one of her biggest risks in life after deciding to divorce Simon Konecki.

The singer highlighted some of her most gut-wrenching moments while speaking to Vogue magazine.

There she started off by sharing one of her biggest life risks in life and admitted that it happened while “leaving my marriage.”

She even turned the 72-question tradition on its head during her interview, citing that 72 just wasn’t enough for fans to get to know her deeper.

Later into the interview, the singer dished over topics such as her younger love life and musical ambitions.

When asked if she’d pursue music if she wasn’t a singer Adele admitted, “I like to think I still would be doing small little gigs in pubs and clubs on my guitar, even though I’m sure nothing will come and see me.” (sic)

But that isn’t her only dream, she also shocked the interviewer when she revealed, “I really want it to be an English teacher before all this happened. So I’d like to think that I’d be doing that.”