Sunday Nov 21 2021
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Meghan Markle ‘spills real feelings’ for royal title to Ellen: report

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Body language experts have finally cracked Meghan Markle’s real feelings regarding her royal title.

Body language expert Judi James shared it all while speaking to The Sun.

Ms James dubbed Meghan’s body language during the majority of the interview to be "fun-loving, carefree and very playful version.”

"Watching Meghan’s body language here it so easy to imagine the years of conflict, controversy and heartbreak never existed.”

"This is ‘Meghan Lite’, an apparently fun-loving, carefree and very playful version of the woman we have seen on first Oprah and then in active campaigning mode.”

She also speculated that it appears "Almost as though Meghan is keen to outdo her husband with his 'joker Prince' tag here."

However, at one key point in her reactions, Meghan gave away her thoughts regarding her own royal title.

Ms James noted that the royal "giggles when Ellen uses it" and even "places her hand over her face in a cut-off ritual that seems to imply modesty".

But, within a few seconds of that, "She adopts a less giggly and more assertive tone to speak about her campaign for federal paid leave.”