Monday Dec 20 2021
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Big Sean slams Kanye West, says rapper owes him millions

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Big Sean is calling out his mentor Kanye West for failing to pay him for his work, saying that the Donda rapper owed him ‘millions’, reported The Daily Mail. 

The Blessings hit-maker opened up about his strained relations with Kanye during a lengthy chat on the show Drink Champs, detailing how his record deal with Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music label, which he ended this year, was ‘unfair’.

“If you up billions and you owe me this money that probably ain’t nothing to him. That’s life-changing money for me,” said Sean, detailing that Kanye still owes him around $6 million.

Sean added that he decided to run an audit after Roc Nation CEO Jay Brown described his record deal as “worst he’s ever seen.”

“I put at least 30 million in this man’s pocket or more and he owes me money and he’s up billions.”

The Beware rapper added that despite announcing that he would return his artists masters to them, Kanye has still not given Sean’s masters back.

“That hasn’t happened yet but that would benefit me a lot… If I was up Bs, if I was a man of my word and not just saying something to look good in that moment, I would pay my artists their masters,” said Sean.