Wednesday Jan 19 2022
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Prince Harry looking for more 'toys' to throw out of his 'pram': 'Narcissism'

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Prince Harry has been dubbed a child throwing tantrums by royal expert. 

The Duke of Sussex, who is taking legal action against the Home Office to grant him permission to pay for security, says that it is otherwise unsafe to bring family to the UK.

Royal analyst Celia Walden in her new piece for The Telegraph, compares the Prince to a spoiled child. 

“Are there any toys left in Prince Harry’s pram? Seems to me they’ve all been thrown out. And the timing of the latest to have been hurled aloft with petulant rage is regrettable, to say the least.”

Shedding light on Harry's thought process, Celia continued: “I know what I’ll do! I’ll sue the UK government – Her Majesty’s government – over its decision to remove my police security… in a country I have visited twice in the past two years. Because now just feels like the right time, you know?”

Ms Walden added: “The Sussexes’ self-absorption and narcissism now flagrant enough to be tiresome even to their most tireless critics.”

Considering how Harry's constantly calls UK his home in his argument, the royal expert adds: “Actually, it’s not a line but a word that recurs three times in that brief statement that intrigues me: 'home'.

“Because this is the biggest indication that the Duke still considers the UK his home since he stepped down from royal duties two years ago to pursue a private life in the US – in the full glare of Oprah and Netflix’s cameras, on stadium stages across the country and at lucrative JP Morgan summits, when he’s not writing “tell-all” memoirs.”

“Far from having exiled himself forever, Harry (whisper it) still envisages a future here; still wants a future here. He’ll be back," declares the expert.

She says: "As much as our peevish Prince has portrayed this country as antagonistic, archaic, racist and dangerous to live in, his legal statement seems at pains to remind us of his birthright – “he remains sixth in line to the throne” – and that he didn’t simply represent the UK for many years but fought for it.”

She adds: “Reading between the lines, I’d go further. I’d say that he misses his country. And who can blame him?”