Girls from Ibrahim Hyderi village deliver scathing message at Aurat March via rap: Watch

March 8 marked International Women’s Day and with it came the annual Aurat March

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March 8 marked International Women’s Day and with it came the annual Aurat March, held at Karachi’s Jinnah Park and attended by a multitude of women from all walks of like. Among them, three young girls from a coastal fishing village in Karachi, Ibrahim Hyderi.

The three girls came to the Aurat March with a staunch intent to deliver an important and hard-hitting message to all those men who hold back the women in their lives.

With iron-clad confidence, they took to the Aurat March stage and gave competition to the best rappers in the game.

Talking to Geo News at the venue, the girls, who chose to rename unnamed, shared that they were performing the rap on behalf of a friend who penned it but couldn’t attend the march.

In a defiant tone, they started, “Farq sirf itna tha ke tum mard ho, mai aurat… Tum jeete ho zindagi, mai guzarti hun (The only different between us is that you’re a man and I’m a woman, yet you live your life, while I just spend it).”

They went on lashing out about how a big reason behind the restriction of women in society is patriarchy, upheld by men.

The girls’ rap pointed out numerous socio-cultural issues that make life difficult for women, such as men controlling simple aspects of their life; from going to school or simply going out of the house.

In the end, they offered a reality check; “Yaad tum ko aik baat dilaun zara, mai insaan hun, koi bher bakri nahi (Let me remind you of one thing, I am a human, not a sheep.)”

Numerous other such strong-willed women were a part of the Aurat March, offering hope for a stronger tomorrow.