Sunday Mar 20 2022
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Pete Davidson 'foolhardly' tattoo for Kim Kardashian proves he is 'crazy' in love

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Pete Davidson loving tattoos for girlfriend Kim Kardashian have been dubbed 'epitome of romance.'

In her column for Independent.co.uk, Victoria Richards talks about how the grand gesture from the SNL star for the SKIMS founder shows love knows no boundaries.

Before comparing their romance to Machine Gun Kelly and Meghan Fox, Ms Richards admits she is swooned by Davidson's adorable move.

"It reminds me of Angelina Jolie and Billy-Bob Thornton, who famously wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks; of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram post of the pair of them getting engaged beneath a banyan tree, before “drinking each other’s blood," she says.

Talking about Davidson's viral photo, that featured a 'Kim' tattoo on his chest, the mother-of-four told Ellen DeGeneres how the SNL star loves inking her name on his body.

"Yeah he has a few tattoos, few cutes ones but the Kim one is a branding. Because he wanted to do something different. The first tattoo he got, I said I was like oh so cute, thank you. Oh my God," she said.

Ms Richards continues, "Not everyone will be a fan of tattoos (though they have a rich and complex history, as explained here, which stretches far beyond lazy quips about “criminals” and “sailors”), but I am – and I’m sorry, but I think what Davidson has done is the epitome of romance.

"It’s romantic precisely because it’s so reckless, so foolhardy – of course you shouldn’t permanently pay tribute to what could end up being just a fleeting relationship; a gesture you could ultimately regret and (potentially) end up wanting removed – or sheepishly need to have someone else’s name inked over the first.

During her interview with Ellen, Kim also revealed that Davidson wants her name like a 'scar' on his body.

"My favourite one says my girl is a lawyer," gushed Kim.

Speaking about the Davidson going all out for ladylove Kim too soon, Ms Richards noted: "But love has never been about “shoulds” or “shouldn’ts”, has it? It is all the more dizzying for it, because what it represents is naive, terrible, delicious hope."

"When we fall in love, we fancy ourselves more in love than anyone else at any time of human existence. Our love is “different’”, we say, “no one has ever felt like this before!” And so, we try to carve it out and put some kind of physical memento on this feeling, perhaps because we worry we’ll – eventually – forget," she concluded.