Friday Mar 25 2022

New York exhibition showcases over 600 'Star Wars' collectable items


The "Star Wars" universe has come to New York City in an exhibition "by the fans, for the fans" of the hugely successful sci-fi saga.

'The Fans Strike Back' in Manhattan features over 600 "Star Wars" collectable items, including life-size figures, models, sculptures, figurines, photos, posters and costumes from the films.

"The name of the exhibit is 'The Fans Strike Back' and it features fan art made by fans for fans," said John Zaller, executive producer of Exhibition Hub, which is behind the exhibit.

For many, the attraction of "Star Wars" is "the deep mythology that spans across all of these stories," said Zaller.

"You have your classic set-ups between the hero and the villain, between good and evil. And you've always got your underdog who somehow finds a way. We all find ourselves in that place in our lives where we wonder which path we're going to choose, so the stories are very relatable."

The exhibition "is really an exhibition that celebrates the fans themselves and their love of this genre," Zaller added.

'The Fans Strike Back' will run through June.