Sunday Mar 27 2022
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Queen shares UK 'secret' documents with Prince Charles to 'speed up' power shift: Report

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Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly asked eldest son Prince Charles to start getting familiar with confidential state files ahead of becoming King.

Royal expert claims the 95-year-old monarch wants Charles to be 'kept up to speed' with the affairs of the constitution.

Robert Jobson notes how Prince Philip demise has shifted gears for Charles, creating a 'sea-change' in his position in the family.

 The Queen, known as Reader Number One in Whitehall, wants Charles to be kept up to speed with all confidential state matters, so that the transition is as smooth as possible should anything happen to her."

He added that the Prince would be the "most well-prepared monarch-in-waiting ever," considering his constant involvement in meetings with government officials over the years.

Meanwhile, it is predicted that the Prince of Wales has plans to slim down monarchy should he be King.

"It’s always been speculated that Charles, when he eventually takes over, will want to slim down the working royals at the heart of the family.

"It will be about commanding respect. I think he is looking forward to being King."

It is not simply a change of personnel that's ahead of us.