Wednesday Apr 27 2022
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Kanye West lived in a 'lonely narcissist's house'

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Kanye West lived in a lonely narcissists house

Kanye Wests Los Angeles mansion featured a painting of him as Jesus on ceiling, according to Jason Oppenheim, 

The Selling Sunset's star, during a recent episode in Season 5, has revealed a client observed that Kanye West lived in a 'lonely narcissist's house'.

The real estate agent claimed to have held a viewing at a previous mansion owned by the Jesus Walks hitmaker roughly five years ago in The Doñas, LA - however the potential buyer was left less than impressed.

The 45-year-old detailed how the abode featured 'a painting of Kanye as Jesus on the ceiling pointing' as well as a shower which was 'like a goldfish tank'.

Speaking to his co-stars Christine Quinn and Chelsea Lazkani, the reality star gushed about showing the latter's husband Jeff and his mum around the home.

He quipped: 'This is funny because not only did we show him Kanye's house, we get into escrow on Kanye's house. We didn't say who it was.

'Jeff invited his mum and his mum not knowing whose house it was says, 'It looks like a lonely narcissist lives here.'

'And Jeff cancelled the escrow. There was a painting of Kanye as Jesus on the ceiling pointing. The shower was like a goldfish tank.'

Kanye West has previously compared himself to God as well as Andy Warhol, William Shakespeare and the Medici family.