Tuesday May 10 2022
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Queen Elizabeth sent warning over Prince Harry's key role

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Queen Elizabeth sent warning over Prince Harrys key role

Queen Elizabeth II, who missed state opening of parliament over mobility issue, has been sent a chilling warning over a key position that her grandson Prince Harry still holds.

Prince Charles and Prince are set to  open Parliament on the Queen’s behalf in a historic shift which will see the Prince of Wales read his mother's speech.

The Queen pulled out of the occasion, nearly 60 years after she last missed it, following an advice from her royal doctors.

But, a royal expert has warned this development highlights the need for the Duke of Sussex and Prince Andrew to be removed as counsellors of state. 

According to Richard Eden: "This emphasises the urgency of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry being stripped of their roles as two of the Queen's four counsellors of state."

There are speculations and rumours that the 96-year-old monarch has decided to remove Harry and Andrew as counsellors of state.