Saturday May 14 2022
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Prince Charles would 'need' Meghan Markle to gain approval of the 'young'

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Prince Charles will need Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for the popularity of his Kingship, note experts.

The Prince of Wales, who is speculated to become Prince Regent by the end of this year, will require the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for the otherwise fading monarchy.

Tina Brown, author of the new best-selling book, ‘The Palace Papers’, has suggested that Charles says: “My guess is Charles is really going to want them back — sort of need them back actually — because Harry and Meghan were huge assets to the whole royal repertoire quite frankly.

“They had a young appeal that was very, very potent in the country.”

Kinsey Schofield earlier told Express.co.uk that the Prince of Wales has a “very soft heart” and is “anxious to start the healing process” with his son.

She said: “I think that Prince Charles has a very soft heart and I think he’s desperately in love with Prince Harry — he loves Prince Harry.

“He doesn’t like his actions but Prince Harry is his DNA and he does hurt when they’re not talking, he does hurt when things aren’t on the right path and I think he’s anxious to start the healing process.”

“I think that Prince Charles is very forgiving.”