Wednesday May 18 2022

Momin Saqib debuts in 'Dum Mastam' with a bang

Momin Saqib debuts in Dum Mastam with a bang

LONDON: Momin Saqib is back in London for several reasons. He plans to pursue his Master’s and focus on his job at King’s College London, but he’s also touring the UK with the cast and crew of his debut film Dum Mastam.

The film has received positive reviews and Momin Saqib is especially being credited for bringing his unique style to the silver screen. His viral clips on cricket – “dil ro raha hai mera” and “maro mujhe maro” - unleashed a tsunami of memes and propelled the former King’s College Students’ Union President to overnight viral fame.

He was offered roles in dramas – which became hits – but a very small section of people know he was offered a role in Dum Mastam much before that. 

In the film, he has worked alongside the likes of Imran Ashraf, Amar Khan and other eminent names, including Adnan Siddiqui who is the producer of the film, directed by Mohammad Ehteshamuddin.

Dum Mastam released on Eid and is now being shown across the UK and other countries internationally, owing to a large diaspora audience.

The film marks the silver screen debuts of not one, but three talented individuals - Imran Ashraf, Amar Khan and Momin Saqib.

Interestingly, this was Saqib’s first project as an actor and he has proved himself as a powerhouse who is surely here to stay, catching everyone’s attention with a debut performance beyond expectations.

Saqib played the antagonist - Guddu Razor. The flamboyant singer has a loud and somewhat narcissistic personality, considering himself indispensable. 

His expressions and dialogue rendering came as a surprise, with on point nuances that displayed envy fuelled by insecurities of being overshadowed. He has done full justice to the demands of the character, supported by Adnan Shah Tipu.

Despite just a handful of previous acting projects under Saqib’s belt, he has quickly established himself as a rising star in a short span of time and this comes out strongly in the film. 

In comparison to previous television roles in projects like Raqs-e-Bismil and Dil Ke Chor, Momin Saqib’s film debut has yet again registered the range and versatility in his craft as an actor among a much senior cast.

The characters of Dum Mastam’s protagonists - Imran Ashraf as the madly in love and endearing Bao and Amar Khan as an overambitious dream-chaser Aliya respectively, had many layers which played out perfectly in the rollercoaster-like screenplay, strongly supported by Saleem Mairaj.

Saqib has long been known for various achievements as an international student at the prestigious King’s College London and for his work as an educationalist in the UK, including student politics and activism. Saqib however became an overnight sensation when his “Maro Mujhe Maro” reaction video went viral after the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2019.

Adding to his truly diverse and multifaceted personality, it must be noted that Saqib’s work extends beyond education and entertainment. His charitable initiatives earned him awards from the Commonwealth and Points of Light, along with appreciation from Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the UK. 

Utilising expertise gained through a background in Computer Science, he has also been actively working on projects in the blockchain technology and NFT sector.

Speaking to our correspondent, Momin Saqib said it is heartening to be back in London. “I started my career from this city. I came here as a student, but London is the city that gave me recognition for the first time. I started out in student politics here and the rest is history.”

He said he was able to meet thousands of fans during the current tour with other actors in Pakistan and the UK. “I am thankful to fans for their love, affection and their interest in my film. They supported me in my debut drama and now in the film.”

Momin Saqib said working in dramas and films are two different things. About his experience he shared that it has been an eye opener for him to work in two different genres.