Saturday Jul 02 2022
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'Prince Charles and William appear to be thin skinned and intolerant'

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Prince Charles and William appear to be thin skinned and intolerant

Prince Charles is coming under fire but the monarchy is the real problem, claims Gram Smith, CEO Republic.

Smith, in his piece of writing to Express UK, shared his thoughts on Prince Charles, William and monarchy's future following the latest royal scandal in which the heir was reportedly found to have been accepting multi-million-euro cash donations from a Qatari politician.

He wrote: "Yet this is just the latest in a string of royal scandals, disastrous tours and family feuds, which all point to one conclusion: the monarchy is not fit for purpose."

The CEO of Republic continued: "The monarchy raises a family on a diet of sycophancy that leaves the princes emotionally immature and ill-equipped for serious responsibility.

"Charles and William appear to be thin skinned and intolerant of being criticised or challenged, presumably they have been taught from a young age that their every action, thought and utterance is of great importance to the rest of us.

"Andrew is even worse, often described as arrogant, boorish and lacking any self-awareness or judgement. A rogue prince who thinks they can do no wrong and rules that allow them to do whatever they like is a recipe for corruption and scandal. Imagine if he were the next in line." 

He went on to write: "It is not a problem fixed by passing over Charles when the succession comes."

Smith concluded: "William will eventually also enjoy the same access to politicians, information and money that his dad has. The problem is not fixed by changing the line of succession, it is fixed by abolishing the monarchy and all the dodgy practices that go with it."