Tuesday Jul 05 2022
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Adele takes a dig at former lover in leaked track

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Adele seemingly launched a scathing attack on her former lover in a leaked track which has been making round on social media lately.

As reported by The Sun, a demo of the vocal powerhouse singer’s earthed song But I Want To has been laid bare on the internet.

The track believed to have been recorded during her fourth album 30, slams past love interests. However, it is not confirmed whether Adele based the song on her experience.

“I didn’t really want to be your lover, I was just bored and you were the first one I set my eyes on,” the 34-year-old singer can be heard serenading. 

“Perhaps I was too young to be playing with fire. Like a loaded gun you held me up on your desire,” she adds.

“Had to learn how to run, had to learn how to walk away.”

The chorus continues: “I hate that I love you, the worst part is I never wanted to. It kills me that I can’t beе around you, but I want to.

“Gonna lose my heart, gonna lose my mind in your eyes,” it adds.