Friday Aug 05 2022
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Princess Diana’s friend thinks Prince Harry might scrap his memoir

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Princess Dianas friend thinks Prince Harry might end up scrapping his memoir
Princess Diana's friend thinks Prince Harry might end up scrapping his memoir

Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir is rumoured to finally be published later this year, however, a friend of his late mother Princess Diana thinks that he might end up scrapping the whole thing.

The memoir, announced last year and scheduled to have released sometime this year, has been delayed time and again, with speculation hinting at its release sometime around Christmas this year.

However, royal expert Richard Kay, once a close friend to Harry’s late mother Princess Diana, was quoted by Newsweek as saying on The Royal Beat that the Duke of Sussex may have a change of heart.

“The book was completed, we believe, in about January — at least Harry's part in it — the interviews. That was really when Harry was still at peak rage with Britain, with the royal family, with his sibling and family,” Kay said.

He further explained that since then, the Sussexes’ relationship with the royal family, especially the Queen, seems to have thawed with the couple even visiting the UK on two different occasions since; Harry and Meghan stopped in the UK to meet the monarch before the Invictus Games and then returned for the Platinum Jubilee.

Kay then asked: “Will he want to readjust what he's written?”

It is pertinent to mention that the confirmed release date for Prince Harry’s book remains unknown.