Thursday Sep 22 2022
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Camilla to axe royal tradition that was close to Queen

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Queen Consort Camilla is reportedly gearing up to discontinue a royal tradition that was close to Queen Elizabeth II, an expert claimed.

King Charles III is expected to slim down the monarchy as he previously promised and so is Camilla who is eyeing a move to modernise the monarchy.

The Queen Consort could be axing the tradition of ladies-in-waiting who used to act as unpaid personal assistants to the Queen.

Historian Marlene Koenig told Express: “There are some positions that may no longer be filled.

"You wonder if the women, especially Queen Camilla, will use ladies-in-waiting as the Queen did. She's never had, even as the Duchess of Cornwall, an official lady-in-waiting."

She said: "I think in the correspondence office, it's just going to be people signing the letters. In this day in age, they will have people who do it, but I don't expect they'll have the formal title."