Wednesday Sep 28 2022
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James Cameron accused of exploiting 'Avatar' VFX artists for Oscar with 'endless unpaid revisions'

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For Oscars, James Cameron exploited us: Avatar VFX artist
For Oscars, James Cameron 'exploited' us: Avatar VFX artist

James Cameron has pushed the limits to the extent that his dream project Avatar got toxic, revealed one of the VFX artists of the film.

Taking to Twitter, Nick Sinnott, one of the VFX artists, tweeted, "A fun thing about working on the VFX for Avatar was being the only major department not unionised and having (James) Cameron exploit that fact with endless unpaid revisions then win a bunch of Oscars."

The VFX artist quickly deleted the tweet to avoid backlash.

The film earned universal praise for its striking visual effects upon release. The film employed state-of-the-art cameras and CGI to bring Pandora and its dwellers to life.

In the film, viewers are not only mesmerized by the Navi, Pandora's tall, blue aliens, but also many flora and fauna that excite the audiences to subject them to enticing colors and complex designs.

However, several VFX artists in Hollywood recently objected to the rough working conditions. Working under severe pressure for blockbuster productions like Avatar, where often the entire film is in CGI, which requires repeated changes, may ultimately lead to an unhealthy working environment, which Sinnott unequivocally blames Cameron for.