Sunday Oct 02 2022
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Khloe Kardashian doesn’t want more Tristan Thompson drama in life: Insider

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Khloe Kardashian could not image reconciling with former serial cheater boyfriend Tristan Thompson after reportedly being engaged to him for nine months.

An insider told Hollywood Life that the reality TV star “can’t imagine ever getting back together” as “far too much has happened over the years and the trust is gone.”

“The last thing she needs in her life again is more Tristan drama. That ship has sailed for her, and she’s glad they can be cordial and coparent together,” the source added.

In the recent episode of The Kardashians, Khloe made the revelation to her sister Kim Kardashian that Tristan proposed her for marriage but she turned him down.

However, a report published by Buzzfeed claimed that Tristan popped the question again and Khloe said yes, however, the engagement ended after news of his paternity scandal broke.

“The last thing in the world Khloe feels like reliving right now is the Tristan drama once again,” the source said of Khloe’s recent feelings for Tristan.

“She knows it wasn’t going to be avoided, especially with the show being filmed, but she’s in such a different place than she was even just a few months ago."

The insider went on to add that the “romantic” feelings the Good American co-founder once had for Tristan are now gone.

“A part of her feels like she will always have love for Tristan since he fathered her children, but it’s not the type of romantic love she once felt.

“The only thing she cares about is that Tristan is a loving and present father to their kids,” the source further shared.