Amber Heard 'desperately' tried to marry Elon Musk, wanted Depp 2.0

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Amber Heard failed to convince ex-boyfriend, Elon Musk, into marrying her.

"Amber was desperately trying to marry Elon and she wanted to use the same strategy on him like she used on Johnny," according to reports.

"But Amber's plan did not work out because Elon refused to marry her," they add.

Amber always claimed that she started dating Elon after divorcing Johnny Depp. The Pirates of the Caribbean star, however, alleges otherwise

However, after a year of togetherness, Amber and Elon called it quits.

An insider at the time told PEOPLE magazine that it was Elon who initiated the breakup.

"Elon is working day and night. This is his life and he loves it. He is in no position to be in a relationship right now and ended it," revealed the source.

In November 2017, Elon made a contrary statement to Rolling Stones: "I just broke up with my girlfriend. Well, she broke up with me more than I broke up with her. I think, I was really in love and it hurt bad."

It is added that Amber 'discarded' Elon as soon as she realised he did not want to settle down with her.

Amber and Elon's relationship started in December 2016 and ended their relationship only after a few month