Meghan Markle ‘hated’ Royal Family for rejecting her 'smart ideas'

Meghan Markle reportedly could not handle seeing her ideas for the Firm’s modernization rejected

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Meghan Markle reportedly grew angry with the Royal Family for their inability to listen to her ideas for the Firm.

Royal commentator Angela Levin made the claim during her interview with GB News.

She started by saying, “She always wants to run everything. She thinks she knows better. She was very angry the Palace didn't listen to her ideas about modernization within the first few weeks she was there.”

“She thinks she knows a great deal, she also talks globally. I reread have to read through the lines sometimes.”

Ms Levin also hit back against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s call for action towards Haiti and Afghanistan and claimed, “She said those with global influence should advance humanitarian dialogue at the UN. Now, she spoke on behalf of the UN once, she thinks she's got global influence.”

“I wonder whether this is not just asking if she can talk over a film or a cartoon film - she's sort of implying she would be very good to have at the UN meeting for all these poor people.”