Friday, December 02, 2022
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Billie Eilish says people 'completely changed' after she dyed her hair blonde

Billie Eilish admits people changed their demeanor after she dyed her hair

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Billie Eilish dishes out dyeing her hair blonde invited criticism from people.

In a conversation with Highsnobiety, Eilish admitted: “I didn’t feel sexy for one second of being blonde."

“When I was blonde, people treated me differently. People completely changed their demeanor [around me].”

“People saw me as this 15-year-old, a kid, who wore this kind of stuff, looked this kind of way, acted this kind of way, said this kind of way. I felt like I couldn’t change. That’s why I went so far to the other side,” she explained.

“I was trying to prove, ‘Hey, f—k you guys, I can do whatever I want.’ Now I can look really masculine if I want, and really feminine if I want, and it’s not gonna be a f—king headline.”

“It’s not that you wear one thing, and that’s your new style — you f—king keep wearing a bunch of s—t,” she said.

Despite the backlash, Eilish earlier admitted that she really enjoyed being a blonde.

“I feel more like a woman, somehow,” she had told the glossy.