Monday Dec 05 2022
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King Charles heartbroken over 'most devastating action anyone could have taken'

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Prince Harry is standing accused of allegedly helping The Crownregarding plotlines for The Crown.

Palace insider weighed in on everything during their interview with Woman's Day Australia.

The inside source began their chat by hinting towards King Charles’ suspicions and was quoted saying, “Having now watched the show, Charles is convinced that Netflix had help from him.”

They also pointed out the decision to have Prince William “dragged into the show's plot in such a gratuitous way, but Harry's character is exempt for a bit of light relief.”

The insider also pointed out how King Charles feels this act is the “most devastating act anyone could have taken against him.”

Before concluding a separate insider also chimed in to explain how “if it's true, it's basically treason” since Prince Harry “was still around when the series began in 2016, and he knew how damaging it has been to pretty much every single senior family member so far, except, it seems, himself.”