Prince Harry says Chelsy Davy's parents were best 'in-laws' from ground up

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Prince Harry recalls meeting girlfriend Chelsy Davy’s parents.

Few months into their relationship, the Duke of Sussex’s former girlfriend took him to see her mother and father in Cape Town.

Speaking about the experience, Harry fondly calls the couple best ‘in-laws’ one could ever have.

He writes in ‘Spare’: “She invited me to come back to Cape Town, meet her parents. I did. And liked them instantly. They were impossible not to like. They enjoyed funny stories, gin and tonics, good food, stalking. Her father was bear-sized, broad-shouldered, cuddly, but also a definite alpha. Her mother was petite, an amazing listener, and a frequent bestower of epic hugs.

Harry then adds: “I didn’t know what the future held, I didn’t want to put any carts before any horses, but I thought: If you designed in-laws from the ground up, you couldn’t do much better than these guys.”

Harry and Chelsy broke up in 2010 six years after they first started dating in Cape Town.