time Thursday Feb 02 2023
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Gerard Pique ladylove Clara Chia Marti responds to anxiety attack speculations

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Gerard Pique’s flame Clara Chia Marti "laughed" after she was asked about her anxiety attack following Shakira's brutal diss track.

Some media outlets reported that the 23-year-old PR student was taken to a hospital after suffering an anxiety attack as she’s under a lot of stress.

It was also rumoured that Clara is seeking psychological help to deal with the criticism she’s been subjected to for being the “other women” and causing issues between Gerard and Shakira.

However, in her first appearance after the song with Gerard, Clara was asked about the speculations which she dismissed with her laugh.

As reported by Marca Magazine, Clara laughed when agency Europa Press approached her to talk about her alleged health problems.

Clara and Gerard seemed to be really amused with the questions as they were leaving in the former Barcelona’s penthouse in a car.

She even refused to further comment on the rumours as she turned her back to the camera and increased the volume of the car radio.