Prince Harry says Prince William wedding building ‘spoke of death’ because of Diana

Prince Harry talks about remembering death on Prince William's wedding

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Prince Harry admits he could only think about the funeral of his mother, Princess Diana, as he walked in for Prince William’s wedding.

The ceremony which took place in the Westminster Abbey, brought back memories of the former Princess of Wales coffin laid inside the hall.

Harry writes in memoir ‘Spare’: “After two minutes, the Bentley stopped. Short trip, I said. I peered out of the window: Westminster Abbey. As always, my stomach lurched. I thought: Nothing like getting married in the same place where you did your mum’s funeral. I shot a glance at Willy.”

Harry asked himself: “Was he thinking the same thing? We went inside, shoulder to shoulder. I looked again at his uniform, his cap. Who shall separate us? We were soldiers, grown men, but walking with that same tentative, boyish gait as when we’d trailed Mummy’s coffin. Why did the adults do that to us? We marched into the church, down the aisle, made for a side room off the altar—called the Crypt. Everything in that building spoke of death.”