Security forces conduct over 6,000 anti-terror operations in 3 months

In Balochistan alone, security forces carry out 3,414 operations

Police officers take position after an attack on a police station in Karachi, Pakistan February 17, 2023. — Reuters
Police officers take position after an attack on a police station in Karachi, Pakistan February 17, 2023. — Reuters

  • 142 terrorists killed in various operations in Pakistan. 
  • Forces conduct 301, 165 IBOs in KP, Punjab, respectively.
  • 752, 67 IBOs conducted in Sindh and Balochistan, respectively.

In the past three months, security forces have concluded around 6,921 anti-terrorist operations, killed 142 militants, and arrested 1,007 across the country to purge the nation from the scourge of terrorism.

These anti-terrorism efforts were expedited by the security forces to counter the recent resurgence of terrorism in Pakistan, the sources told APP.

The security forces have not only arrested terrorists and their facilitators, but have also foiled several attacks in the last three months.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, around 1,960 operations were conducted including 1,516 area domination operations, 301 intelligence-based operations (IBOs), and 143 area sanitisation operations. During these counter-terrorism combats, 98 terrorists were killed and 540 were arrested.

In Balochistan, the security forces conducted 3,414 operations comprising 2,980 area domination operations, 67 IBOs, and 367 area sanitisation operations in which 40 terrorists were killed and 112 were arrested.

In Sindh, 752 IBOs were conducted in which security forces gunned down three terrorists and arrested 344.

Meanwhile, in Punjab, 165 IBOs were carried out, during which one terrorist was eliminated and 11 were apprehended.

Pakistan, for the past few months, has been gripped by a spate of terror attacks with even the country's bigger urban centres such as Karachi and Peshawar under the radar of militants targeting security forces with the aim to deteriorate peace.

Earlier today, two Levies men were martyred as terrorists stormed a check post of the force near the Babri area of Mastung district in Balochistan. The officials also said that the terrorists also took the weapons of the martyred personnel with them after the attack.

Sindh's provincial capital recently became the latest target of a terror attack during which terrorists barged into the strictly-guarded Karachi Police Office leaving four people including police and rangers personnel martyred. The security forces killed three terrorists during a clean-up operation in the law enforcement facility's building.