Tyler Perry promised Meghan Markle to 'keep her safe' in America

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle turned to friend Tyler Perry in order to seek refuge amid peak COVID-19.

After losing their security, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex phoned their American friend, who then offered them his house in California.

Recalling the day, Harry writes in ‘Spare’: “FaceTiming with him, Meg and I were trying to put on a brave face, but we were both a mess. Tyler saw. He asked what was up."

He adds: "We gave him the highlights, the loss of security, the borders closing. Nowhere to turn. Whoa. OK, that’s a lot. But…just breathe. Breathe. That was the problem. We couldn’t breathe. Look…take my house. What? My house in Los Angeles. It’s gated, it’s secure—you’ll be safe there. I’ll keep you safe.”