Nicolas Cage goes full-blood sucker

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Nicolas Cage goes full-blood sucker
Nicolas Cage goes full-blood sucker 

Nicolas Cage revealed an unsettling account about unintentionally drinking his blood on The Renfield set, where he played the iconic Dracula character.

During a Reddit AMA (Ask me Anything) with fellow actor Nicholas Hoult.

The Oscar winner offered the anecdote where he unintentionally drank his blood while filming his forthcoming film, "There's something warm and fuzzy about it."

The actor adds, "The fangs were genuine fangs; they were ceramic and quite pointy. So I did bite my lip a few times, which made me drink my own blood."

While Nicholas Hoult said, "I kind of like the taste of my own blood."

The movie follows Dracula's henchman, Renfield life. His duty is to find victims and follow the orders of his 'boss.'

Meanwhile, Renfield tries to run far away from the infamous vampire, but it will not be a piece of cake for him to get away from him.

Helmed by Chris McKay, The Renfield film will open in theatres on April 14 this year.