Brooke Shields reflects on ex Andre Agassi's reaction on a 'Friends' scene

Brooke Shields recalled how a 'Friends' scene with Matt LeBlanc took a toll on her marriage with ex Andre Agassi

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Brooke Shields talks on ex Andre Agassis reaction on Friends licking scene
Brooke Shields talks on ex Andre Agassi's reaction on 'Friends' 'licking' scene

Brooke Shields extreme and very scary reaction of then-partner Andre Agassi on her scene with Matt LeBlanc in hit comedy series Friends.

Shields, who made it to the list of some A-list guest stars appeared in Friends, reflected back on how Agassi reacted to her ‘licking’ scene with co-star LeBlanc in her upcoming documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields.

The actress played Joey Tribbiani’s stalker Erika in The One After the Super Bowl: Part 1, of the series.

As described by her, "In the scene, I (Erika) am supposed to lick Joey’s fingers, because they’re the hands of a genius, and I want to devour them, and I’m a nut. He was cute—he was, like, ‘I’ve washed my hands and they’re all clean.’ I was, like, ‘I had a mint!"

Besides being a big career moment for the actress, this scene also caused some turmoil in her relationship with Agassi, who apparently could not stand seeing Shields act in such a way with her co-actor.

As she put it, "Andre was in the audience supporting me, and he stormed out. He said, ‘Everybody’s making fun of me. You made a fool of me by that behavior.’ I’m, like, ‘It’s comedy! What is the matter with you?’ I learned later that he was addicted to crystal meth at that point, so that irrational behavior I’m sure had something to do with that."

Previously in Agassi's autobiography that came out in 2009, he also opened up about the incident, where he broke all of his tennis trophies, one by one, after returning home from the Friends set and ripped apart the walls.

"Of course I’ve watched Brooke kiss men onstage before. […] This is different. This is over the line. I don’t pretend to know where the line is, but hand licking is definitely over it" he wrote.

The actress is in the limelight lately for unearthing some big topics in her powerful new documentary, Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields.