King Charles leaving everything to ‘petty and mean-spirited’ Prince Harry

King Charles is rumored to have landed the ball in the court of ‘petty and mean-spirited’ Prince Harry for the Coronation

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King Charles is rumored to have left the ball in “petty and mean-spirited” Prince Harry’s court.

Royal correspondent Michael Cole made these admissions and accusations.

The former BBC correspondent shared these claims with Sunday Express.

He fears, “The King has played a blinder with the vexatious Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

“From the outset, he let it be known that Harry and Meghan were welcome at his coronation.”

“That put the ball in their court. If they refused, they would look petty and mean-spirited.”

But that also means “If they accepted, it would open them to the charge of hypocrisy, with people entitled to ask, ‘Well, what was that all about, knocking seven bells out of your family but then turning up for the party?’”