Thursday, May 18, 2023
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Inside Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez troubled marriage which thrives on ‘drama’

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez have totally different personalities, alludes source while discussing their marriage

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Ben Affleck is reportedly going through a tough time as he tries to keep up with his super energetic wife Jennifer Lopez who 'drags him' around to “dubious” social events.

Speaking of the couple’s troubled relationship, a source told The Sun that the Shotgun Wedding star and the Air director’s marriage thrives on “drama.”

The source shared insight into the married life of Affleck and Lopez after there were spotted on multiple occasions seemingly arguing with each other, including at The Mother premiere.

Describing Affleck as a man who wants to “Netflix and chill” following a tough day at work, the insider claimed that Lopez has a totally different type of personality which does not go with that of the actor.

“Ben Affleck wants to slow down a little,” the source told the publication, “He needs that, but it’s not really how Jennifer Lopez does things.”

“She’s an all-or-nothing type and has more energy than Ben. There’s no off switch and this is just not somebody who is down for Netflix and chill,” the insider added.

“Ben has a full plate just dealing with the decisions he has to make with his career and his new business venture,” the source noted. “When he goes home at night he wants to zone out or talk to his kids on the phone.

“Ben has been through hell and back a few times and he’s never had more responsibilities. It’s a stressful time,” the insider said of Affleck who blended his family with that of Lopez after they tied the knot in 2022.

Amid the issues Ben Affleck faces in adjusting his marriage to J.Lo, he has been a target of internet trolls in the past few months over his facial expressions including his headline making appearance at 2023 Grammy Awards.

“The guy doesn’t deserve to be ordered around, dragged to dubious social events and critiqued on every minuscule aspect of his day,” the source defended the Argo star.

“But this is what he signed up for when he married Jennifer. She is a Duracell Bunny who doesn’t stop for anybody,” the insider added.

“He’s got the vibe of a man who’s just come home from a long tour of duty in a war zone only to have to deal with his house getting hit by a tornado.”

As for Jennifer Lopez, the insider said, “Jennifer is very feisty. She thrives on passion, and you don’t get that without the arguments and the drama.”

“Jennifer’s a diva but Ben 100 per cent knows that. They are both actors and they like a drama and an ever-moving stage — and that’s what their relationship is.”