Little Mix fans ‘sad’ as former bandmates don’t appear as ‘close anymore’

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Former bandmates Perrie and Leigh-Anne appear to be drifting apart as Perrie missed Leigh-Annes recent milestones
Former bandmates Perrie and Leigh-Anne appear to be 'drifting apart' as Perrie missed Leigh-Anne's recent milestones

Concerns are rising among Little Mix fans that there may be a growing distance between the members, as Perrie was not present for several important events in Leigh-Anne's life recently.

Notably, Perrie was absent from Leigh-Anne's wedding to footballer Andre Gray in Jamaica and also from the launch party for the new single Don't Say Love, which former bandmate Jade attended.

Leigh-Anne appeared on Capital FM on Friday and revealed that Jade heard both of her new singles and gave her feedback on them: “Jade heard Don't Say Love on the hen do, and my second single too.”

“It was by the pool. Let me tell you, I was so scared to play it to her. It was weird, but she loved it so I was buzzing.”

Leigh-Anne had a party on Thursday to celebrate the new releases and told the crowd: “Jade, this girl shows up for me every f***ing time.”

Although she was absent at the party, Perrie did praise Leigh-Anne’s second song on her Instagram story: “The most EPIC video ever, so proud of my @LeighannePinnock”

Worried fans took to Twitter, with one saying: “I see Jade at the wedding, wonder where Perrie is?”

With another adding: “Perrie where are you?”

Another sad fan wrote: “Is it just me who thinks Perrie and Leigh-Anne are not as close anymore. Like yeah they comment on each others posts but I haven't seen them with each other in so long. It's kinda sad.”