Prince William offers explanation to Royal Family critics

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Prince William has offered an explanation for all those questioning what the Royal Family does or doesn’t do.

The Prince of Wales addressed the issue of royal relevance over the weekend while shedding light on his quest to solve Britain’s homelessness issue.

Talking to The Times about his mission to solve UK’s living crisis, Prince William explained just how much the royal family aims to contribute to the British people, but it tends to get drowned out in the country’s rising crises.

“We’re all very busy, and I think it’s hard sometimes to see what the family bring and what we do,” Prince William said, acknowledging how many may not find the Royal Family’s role important anymore.

However, he went on to explain: “But, the number of causes, the interests, the dinners, the meetings, the visits, whatever it is, that we do day in, day out, throughout the year, we’ve always been involved in that. It’s part of what we do.”

“It’s trying to spotlight other causes, other people, other interests, and help people where we can. We’ll continue to do that,” Prince William stated.

The comments come amid rising republican sentiment under the Crown; King Charles’ historic Coronation in May was also marred with protestors lining London streets with placards that read, ‘Not Our King’ and ‘Down with the Crown’.