Thursday, August 17, 2023
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Prince Harry’s ability to ‘handle money’ ridiculed: ‘Runs to pa’

Prince Harry has been ridiculed for having an inability to handle ‘large sums of money’ because he’s always ‘running to pa’

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Prince Harry’s ability to ‘handle money’ ridiculed: ‘Runs to pa’
Prince Harry’s ability to ‘handle money’ ridiculed: ‘Runs to pa’

Prince Harry has just been ridiculed for his inability to handle large amounts of money because its ends “with [him] asking King Charles for money.”

Claims against the couple, for their lack of experience has been brought forward by royal commentator Jan Moir.

She shed light into everything during one of her pieces for Perth Now.

In this piece she started off by questioning the couple’s future endeavors and moves.

“What next?” Ms Moir began by asking, since “making films seems the obvious next step for a couple who have little or no experience in making films.”

She also went as far as to add, “In addition, their grasp of managing big budgets seems to begin and end with asking King Charles for money” but still Ms Moir is hopeful because “they might yet surprise us with hitherto unknown depths of talent, smarts and graft not grift.”

At the same time though, “As this bright new future as Hollywood producers beckons, the first question one must ponder is this: why have they opted for this book?”

“The only thing we know about their literary tastes is that Meghan likes reading motivational titles and fridge magnets, while all Harry demands of a novel is that it is short.”

“As a joint intellectual force they are not exactly Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre," said Ms Moir with a jibe at the Sussexes.

How Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Finance US Lifestyle?

Insights into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s finances have been brought to light in a report by the BBC which speculated earnings based upon their public contracts.

For example, even the Sussexes’ media company, Archewell Productions is in talks to create multiple programs for Netflix, exclusively which are worth millions of dollars.

One project that has already launched is the Harry & Meghan docuseries about life within the Royal Family, as well as the newly announced Heart of Invictus.

Previously Archewell was also contracted to create podcasts for Spotify, but that was before the streaming service decided to part ways with the couple.

Later on, it was Prince Harry’s memoir Spare that overtook bookstores across the world. It included personal revelations, a relationship history as well as insights into family feuds and fights.

After this, Prince Harry was named the Chief Impact Officer at BetterUp, a Californian tech wellness company.