Meghan Markle resented ‘beyond measure’ for living ‘seemingly swish life’ in LA

Meghan Markle has just received support after an expert accused the world of ‘hating for the sake of hate’

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An author has just rushed to Meghan Markle amid the slew of hate and Kate Middleton comparisons that have begun swirling across social media.

Claims about Meghan Markle have been shared Lucy Morgan in a piece for Glamour Magazine UK.

In the piece she defended the Duchess and said, “Apologies in advance for bringing up the comparisons between Markle and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, but this is yet another example of the disparities between how they're received by the British public. Just last week, a video of the Princess of Wales being a ‘shy dancer’ went through the rounds on TikTok.”

She also went on to say, “The comparisons between Kate and Meghan may feel tiring, but they're important.”

Because simply “through their dance moves alone, the former is characterised as sweet, while the latter is slammed as self-obsessed.”

But “as the critics will insist (over and over again), this isn't solely due to skin colour; Kate embraced her role within the British monarchy, while Meghan – in the face of racist hostility –eventually rejected it.”

However, Morgan believes, “You may resent her for living a seemingly swish life in LA or for speaking about her experiences on numerous documentaries and podcasts.”

“But at some point, you actually just have to let her live. And if there's no better time than the present, there's no better place than a Beyoncé concert,” she later chimed in to say before signing off.