Kate Middleton’s turning to ‘new people’ after Prince Harry betrayal

Kate Middleton has allegedly found herself a new pal to confide in after getting ‘deeply hurt and betrayed’ by Prince Harry

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Kate Middleton has found herself feeling incredibly hurt and betrayed by Prince Harry, so much so that she has chosen to confide in another.

Royal correspondent Jennie Bond issued these claims and admissions.

She broke all of these thoughts down in one of her interviews with Express UK.

The conversation began by detailing the newfound sense of comradery Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to have created with another member of the Royal Family, after Prince Harry’s betrayal.

According to Ms Bond, “I think William and Catherine feel they can confide in Edward and Sophie and there are so few people a royal can entrust with their thoughts and feelings.”

This is because “Both Catherine and Sophie have a common touch... perhaps because they lived 'normal' lives before marrying [into the Royal Family].”

“Sometimes it seems strange to realise that these are two different generations of royals as they seem much closer.”

“But, especially after all that has happened - not only with the Queen's death but with Harry and Meghan leaving and Andrew getting 'sacked' - the two couples have formed a tight bond.”

In the middle of her chat with the outlet, the expert also noted, “They connect with the people they meet and look as if they really want to chat.”

“They are the new female stars of the show - elegant, engaging and empathetic” and “Sophie, in particular, is a wonderfully empathetic woman.”

Even “The late Queen regarded her as another daughter, and - apart from one unfortunate scam when she was tricked by a News of the World reporter - Sophie has never put a foot wrong.”

“And, because the age gap is not very great, she is a brilliant bridge between the generations.”