Robert De Niro reacts to Gotham Awards 'censored' speech

Apple apparently 'censors' Robert De Niro's speech at Gotham Awards, leaving him in fumes

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Robert De Niro reacts to Gotham Awards 'censored' speech

At the 33rd Gotham Awards, Robert De Niro was left red-faced after he claimed his anti-Donald Trump remarks were removed from the speech after it displayed on the Teleprompter as he was on stage to honour Killers of the Moon with the Historical Icon and Creator Tribute award.

"The beginning of my speech was edited, cut out, I didn't know about it," the Academy winner told the crowd, according to The New York Times.

He continued, "And I want to read it." The veteran actor added, "history isn't history anymore, truth is not truth, even facts are being replaced by alternative facts."

The legendary star then turned his guns to Apple, claiming they may have censored his political speech.

"I'm gonna say these things, but to Apple and thank them and all that, Gothams, blah, blah, blah, Apple," the 80-year-old noted. "But I don't feel like thanking them at all after what they did. How dare they do that, actually?

Elsewhere on the award night, Robert's co-star Lily Gladstone scooped up the gong for the best lead performance in The Unknown Country.