Sunday, December 03, 2023

Royals cannot take 'defamatory action' over 'racist royals' row

Royals cannot accuse British media of defamation, says expert

Royals cannot take defamatory action over racist royals row

The British Royal Family cannot take any firm stand in the 'racist royals' row.

Paul Tweed, in his column for the reveals how the Royal Family can never sue British media for speaking about the names of 'racist royals.'

He writes: "Royal lawyers would have to ascertain if Scobie published the names in his book in Holland intentionally or not, or whether the Dutch publisher put something in there which was not written by him. The royals would have to prove they had suffered personal harm."

He adds, noting how the revelation was not British journalist Pier's Morgan's fault.

"I don’t think they’d have too much difficulty doing that because of the alleged association between Scobie and Meghan and Harry. Piers Morgan on TalkTV was very careful to make it clear he didn’t believe a word of it when he mentioned the names. So TalkTV are in the clear. Newspapers have reported what is already out there," he continues.

Mr Tweed adds: "There’s a clear distinction between a publisher reporting what is out there and putting it in context, and a publisher repeating the libel. There’s also a big difference between someone on social media repeating a false statement and a newspaper reporting both sides of the coin."

He concluded: "The royals may complain the media have given further publicity to what was published in Holland but that is not going to give them a basis to take defamatory action."