Sunday, December 03, 2023

Kate Middleton mocked for ‘loving on’ Prince George, Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton has seemingly been mocked for prioritzing Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis rather than the Firm

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The conversation arose once Ms Goldsmith started bashing the hate that surrounds Kate Middleton for putting her kids at center stage, instead of her royal patronages and responsibilities.

All of this has been issued in Mr Goldsmith’s piece for the Daily Mail.

In it he said, “[Omid] goes on to claim that Kate is workshy because she only has 20 patronages and he criticises her decision as a mother-of-three to centre her work around school terms.”

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“Personally, I think the British public has been really impressed with how William and Kate have chosen to modernise the Royal Family and put their loved ones up there with duty as a priority.”

After all “you can see the confidence in young Charlotte and both George and Louis are so well-behaved at public events. Kate is doing a brilliant job as a mother and still finds time for her royal duties.”

Before concluding he also questioned Scobie’s motives and said, “What's wrong with that? She is a fantastic role model — that's what the majority of decent humans think.”

But its apparent to Kate’s uncle that “in Scobie's skewed view of the world even this nice, loving little family is something to be mocked.”