Thursday, December 07, 2023

Rebecca Ferguson recalls 'horrendous' 'Mission: Impossible' stunts

Rebecca Ferguson is opening up on her vertigo and 'Mission: Impossible' stunts with Tom Cruise

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Actress Rebecca Ferguson has opened up about ongoing struggles with vertigo that arose during her demanding Mission: Impossible action scenes.

Despite starring in three MI films alongside stunt guru Tom Cruise, Ferguson told ITV's Loose Women her fear of heights remains.

She recalled feeling "horrendous" performing stunts like one atop the Vienna State Opera House for Rogue Nation

Cruise is famously enthusiastic about complex practical stuntwork, but Ferguson says she wasn't always aware what she was signing up for.

“I have a fear of heights and it was horrendous, the thing with Mission is you don't know until your about to do it that your going to do it.”

“Tom's an inspiring person. I think because he comes with a lot of energy and I work on something he produces, he is basically the big boss man.”

“I'm not saying he's different but that's the Tom I know, which means he's there first, he's on top of it, he knows everything, he laughs and jokes.”

The White Queen actress went on to add that Cruise pushes boundaries but stops to ensure cast safety and understanding.

“But if someone's uncomfortable or if there's a moment of not understanding he will stop things and make sure that you are clear on what you're doing.”

Meanwhile, the Top Gun star remembered Ferguson kept her fear private on set, determined to trust him and deliver what the scene required.

“She never told me, or anyone else, she was uncomfortable with heights,” he recalled.

“She trained for it and did it. She confronted it full on. That is Rebecca. She knew it made the sequence, and she knew that she could trust me, and I could trust her. It is a lovely moment,” he added.