Sunday, December 10, 2023

Jennifer Aniston's parents against her acting career?

Jennifer Aniston revealed her parents wanted her to pursue other professions instead of acting

Jennifer Anistons parents against her acting career?
Jennifer Aniston's parents against her acting career?

One of the top Hollywood actresses, Jennifer Aniston, shared that initially, her parents discouraged her from opting for acting despite the pair belonging to the same profession themselves.

In a throwback interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Friends star revealed her father was against her choice to join the entertainment industry.

"'Don't do it," she recounted. "'Become a doctor. Become a lawyer."

The Emmy winner continued, "He didn't want me to be heartbroken because he knew it was a tough business. It compelled me to go for it even harder. Do what keeps you happy, and don't ever let people box you in."

The 54-year-old also revealed she worked as a waitress before appearing in the groundbreaking Rachel Green role.

"I waitressed for years in New York before I got anything. And I was a telemarketer selling timeshares in the Poconos. I didn't make one sale. I was terrible at it. I was like, 'Why do we have to call people at dinnertime?" she shared.